Thai rock-singer Clash

There is no other musician or artist in the whole world that have ever had a greater impact on my life than Thailand’s very own Clash. Normally, artists and liked songs fade and change througout our lives, but that is not the case of Clash. So much is the point that I’m even carrying some of his tattoos as well.

On my phone, I have all his albums and all his songs, and they are featured in all my play lists. They are always the source and inspiration when I drive to work, when I go to gym or when I go hiking in the forest.†

In this photo shared through Facebook, and which I’d like to share, shows that this artist and Thai superstar is still a human just like all of us. He does his own laundry, cleans his own house and is so unaturally down to earth. This is his true Thainess (whatever that actually means), and his absolutely strongest points. Together with this image, I once again (because I know I have shared his songs many times before), share perhaps two of my favourite songs:†
ขอเช็ดน้ำตา (I wiped the tears) and†เพลงสุดท้าย†(The last song).†ขอเช็ดน้ำตา†is from what I consider his best periode, and the most mellow time of his career while เพลงสุดท้าย is such an emotional song that it always brings tears to my eyes.

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