The 2018 Cruise Season has opened at Trondheim

Trondheim is currently my town in Trondheim, and each year from approximately May to Late August, we have our so-called season where exotic cruise-ships are coming to town. Each year, this short season gets stretched in both ends: and this year, the season started as early as yesterday, on February 21st 2018. Personally, I find it quite sad that many cruiselines sail past my city on the way north to North Cape or south to pick up more passengers.†

The 2018-season at Trondheim opened with a short port call by "AIDA cara" amidst snow-showers and lots of fresh snow in the town. The cloud layer was however low, with more snow on the way. But, for the guests on board, this was exactly what they came for: a winter cruise to the north.†

This will be my first fly-by of this season, with hopefully many more to come as the ships keep on arriving. The next visit will be on February 28th - just a week away.†

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Cruise ships in Norway 2016 (links opens in a new tab).†

Cruise ships in Norway 2017 (link opens in a new tab).

Cruise ships in Norway 2018†(link opens in a new tab).

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