The Norwegian Seafarer

The Norwegian seafarer is no longer worth much to the country’s government. Norway is not only sitting on the fence watching foreign seamen taking over the jobs at sea, also in Norwegian waters, they are hiding behind the fence, and deep inside their offices. 

Brazil as an example, has enforced strict laws to protect their own people, their own seamen. Norway on the other hand, once one of the world’s largest shipping nations, is now reduced to crumbles only, and whatever is left to crumble, they continue destroying. How about our Union you say? Not much to talk about, many thinks. 

What is the reason? Many people speculate and make up opinions about it, and presents solutions. But as long as the Government doesn’t listen, what will the future bring? 

An article in Norwegian media that sheds some light on the issue: Vil at norske sjøfolk skal beskyttes.

How about a video about the Norwegian seamen: 

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