The picture on my wall

In the very simple Captain’s cabin, there is a picture on my wall. It was taken by someone ashore a few years back while I sailed with my ship between the cruiseships Aurora and Queen Mary 2 after their departure from Trondheim. Clearing both ships, we then cruised around the stern of Queen Mary 2.†

Naturally, the “event” was announced to the passengers via the public adress system, and naturally, as we approached the QM2, we greeted with our tiny whistle. The response from the gigantic British flagship was immediate and so powerful.†

After many years on the route, I have never seen so many passengers out on deck as that particular crossing. Truly a memorable moment for me and hopefully for some of my guests as well.†

As a momento of that moment in time, this picture has now hung on the wall for nearly two (or more?) years already.†

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