The Toyota Fortuner

I think it is a real shame that in Norway (as well as Europe?), we won’t be able to purchase and own the Toyota Fortuner. According to Toyota Norway, the market here is set for the so-called (much more expensive) Toyota Landcruiser instead. As far as I remember, the Fortuner shares the same base as the Hilux, and is therefore consdiered as the SUV-version of the Hilux.†

This is indeed a great (looking) car. I have myself driven it several times in Thailand and I love everything about it. But, as far as I understand, we won’t be seeing this one in Norway in the future at all.†

Actually, we won’t even be seeing the front corner mirror either. I have spoken to several people at the Norwegian road authority, Statens Vegvesen, about whether I could equip my Hilux with a mirror like that. I think it is a great mirror when having to park my big car in tight spaces, as it gives me full overview of the front and the side of the car. In Thailand, I had it installed before delivery, and it’s really a great help. What are their reasons for denying me to install it, you say? According to the clerks, it could pose a SERIOUS risk IF I EVER COLLIDE with a pedestrian AND because it would also RESTRICT MY FIELD OF VIEW! Baaaahhhh….. humbug!†

I’m so terribly sorry, I just do not agree at all.†

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