This time, my heart heads for Indonesia

Indonesia! I simply love Indonesia and even though I only lived there half a year, the language still sticks to my memory. Naturally, I’m not any longer fully conversant like I used to be, but I can still get around in Bahasa Indonesia. I still love wathcing all South East Asian films and movies, including those from Indonesia. I have some really good friends there, and despite we haven’t seen eachother in real for more than a decade, we still keep very regularly in touch (thank heavens for the invention called Skype!).†

The first song I’d like to share tonight is by a boyband called Motion, and the song is simply called “I love you”.†

While we still are in an “Indonesian mood” tonight, I’d like to share two more beautiful songs with all of you - for my own and your enjoyment. The second song is called “Perahu Kertas” - in English “Paper Boat”. The sound is really soft, and therefore, this song is the perfect relaxation song when my mind travels back to Indonesia.†

The third and last “Indonesian moment” is a song by the singer called Marcell. To say it this way, his songs are all perfect. If you love Indonesia like me, I strongly recommend purchasing his album in iTUNES. Picking one of the songs in particular is hard, but I picked †a song called “Pasrah” which I vaguely remember meaning “Abandonement”.†

With these three songs, perhaps it is time to visit Indonesia again. Will 2014 be the year I resurrect my love for Indonesia?†

One thing for sure is that my iPhone playlist is very international - a very strong reflection of my background and history. It is with music we remember events, times of our lives and other special moments. Each song that I share here in my “blog” is a song I have strong connections and memories connected to.†

Indonesia - aku rindu kamu.†

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