Throw back Thursday - week 13

I’m going to try out a new thing at my bLOG, and see how it turns out. Whether it will be interesting enough, and whether I will be able to remember, and keep it up. 

In this first throwback in time, we are going to head back all the way to 1988(?) when a much younger version of myself was assigned to gain “work-experience” on board the Norwegian Coastal Steamer “Midnatsol”. During this time on board, I was going through a program which let me try out “working” in different places on board - without pay. 

While I was working in the ship’s cafeteria, I came in contact with this American Lady. If my memory serves me correctly, her name was Rita Reed and from somewhere on the US East Coast. I can still remember that she was a very warm and friendly person, and that we spoke a lot together. She was a wonderful person with a lot of charm and love in her heart. During that particular round-trip, when the ship came to Rørvik port, and my mother came on board to visit, she insisted in meeting my mother too. 

In the throwback-image below, my immediate supervisor on board kindly let me go ashore for a quick walk at Ørnes with this most wonderful lady. Over the years and decades that now have passed, this image remains an image which signifies a very happy time in my life. 

After she left the ship at Bergen, and for some time afterwards, we communicated through letters (this was way before e-mail, Skype and Line). Eventually, with me starting to sail around the world on world-cruises with Royal Viking Sun, we sadly lost contact. 

Do you think it’s a great idea to have a “throwback day" each week, and would you like me to try continue this as a tradition?  

UPDATE: Due to some problems with FileZilla late last night, this entry comes 24-hours later than I wanted. 

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