Totally unreasonable

I’ve really become an avid car-cleaner neat-freak: washing cars 3 to 4 times a week. I have over the past months found a lot of passion in this rather therapeutic task. Even though my methods may not be professional, I have found out what works for me, and what gives me the best results. By the way, I’m not a user of self-washing automats, I prefer the manual hand-wash.

Many people ask me why I wash my car that often, but in Trondheim, it’s really, really hard to keep a car clean. You see, our local politicians reserves their right to damage everybody’s car or bike by continuously oversalting roads and bike paths throughout the entire winter season. This in the name of safety - they say. Very few, if nobody that has taken a drivers license the past 15-20 years after winter-salting of roads started, are able to drive on winter roads anymore. The local government wants not only ice-free roads throughout winter, but also what they call “black” roads, which is also wet and really dirty with a thick layer of roadsalt to last all through winter, no matter how cold or warm the weather is. 

Yesterday for example, with a cold -5 degrees, there was an increadible amount of water, salt and dirt being picked up by passing cars. I guess this is also helping increase “particles" in the air, which again is used as an agenda for trying to reduce the number of cars by increasing toll-road fees and adding rush-hour fees. Not only is the salt destroying cars and bikes, but it also kills everything that tries to grow by the roads. 

I was really astonished how dirty busses, cars and trucks around town were yesterday - on an otherwise fine winter day. 

*** Rant over *** 

Depending on how dirty the car is, I start with rims and a degreasing agent. After that, I add a special foaming car soap to the entire car twice, before ending off with hot wax and polishing. After all that, I wipe off my car with an "AutoGlym High Tech Microfiber Drying Towel". I have tried many different microfiber towels as I worked on perfecting my washing - from cheap to relatively expencive towels, but none did the job better than the one from AutoGlym. 

There is one additional thing I’d like to add to my car-cleaning kit, and that is a blower. The special with the one below is that it has a filter which prevents small particles to be blown onto the car. This blower is essential if you want to eleiminate run off water from mirrors, panel-decorations, door-handles and such. In the US you can find a very good blower for the reasonable price of US$80.- (about 645NOK), though unfortunately not available with a 220V plug. In Norway, the exactly same looking machine down to the exact same details, is marketed as a dog-hair blower.  But, here in Norway, its priced at 1759 NOK (nearly US$218,-). a price hike of 272% for the same thing!!

Who ever says that Norway is a cheap country?


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