Tragic days and weeks in Norway

This winter has been one of the driest winters in a very long time, and only a few days with snow back in December. Still, the full winter hasn’t even arrived, and we are now at the end of January. Because of the lack of snow, and really cold temperatures, grass- and forest fires are an extreme danger. It started down in Lærdal, then there was a huge fire at Flatanger, and right now, as we speak, a new fire is threatening large parts of the island Frøya. 

The below image was taken last night at Fosnes county, and you can clearly see the light from the devastating fire at Flatanger. 55 houses burned to the ground. It is believed that the Flatanger fire was initiated by two electrical wires touching eachother in the strong wind, causing sparks to fall to the ground and being fed by strong winds. 

Check out these images from the fire, and see how some houses were saved while the entire ground around the houses burned away. 

Check out this report as well, showing some houses at Lærdal before and after

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