Training-ship Gann at Port of Trondheim

Last week, the former coastal steamer “Narvik" (ODS / OVDS / Hurtigruten) came to town as training-ship “Gann", and docked in the Nidelven river near their old northbound Hurtigrute dock in Trondheim. "Gann" started her career as a coastal steamer back on December 17th 1982, replacing the ageing “Håkon Jarl”, and sailed as a coastal steamer until February 21st 2007, when she was handed over to “Unge Sjømenns Kristelige Forening” to be used as a training ship. 

Because of a lot of magnetic conditions of the port, and considerable amount of strong interference, I didn’t get as many images as I would have liked to. Naturally, I could have ignored a lot of the flight warnings, but I do like to always fly responsibly, and without danger of loosing my bird over water. 

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