Unique Trondheim

During working periods it is really hard to find both the inspiration, energy and the time to regularly update my bLOG. It’s like everything is put on the backburer a bit. I have however promised myself to do what I can to improve this in order to see if the bLOG eventually will become viable and survivable.†

The simplest would naturally be to return to using Facebook, but I have made myself and my best friends in Thailand a promise, and I intend to do what I can to keep this promise. It may be seen as extremely naive that people would come here instead of Facebook, but …. what can I say?†

Today, I decided to do some advertisement for the This is Trondheim-thread on CaptainsVoyage Forum, which at the time of creating this blog contains 1340 posts over 86 pages. The majority of the images in that particular thread is by me, taken over some 8 years or so. Lately, I have tried presenting a unique view of Trondheim with the help of a 1.200mm super-tele-zoom (actually a 600mm with a 2x extender). Here are some samples for you to start with.†

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