Very bad weather coming

Apparently, there is some really strong winds arriving very fast and very soon. Local media is awash with warnings about going out, as “extreme-weather Ivar” is approaching the middle part of Norway. Schools are sending children home from school, ferries and boat routes are cancelled and businesses along the fjord aretaking protective measures to avoid damages to their buildings and the seawall (-fjordwall?).  

At the moment, the sky is bright yellow to the south, and there is hardly no wind at all - that is bound to change very soon according to media.

Richard With and Kong Harald heading slowly out the fjord in the afternoon.

Quiet before the storm: view fra Trondheim Port webcamera at 2:45 PM local time. 

Meanwhile, at Ålesund, the coastal steamer Finnmarken is tied up to the dock awaiting better weather.  

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