When a long time friend passes on. 

A few weeks back I got a message that a former colleague from the SS Norway had passed away while serving at sea. As always, a message of someone’s passing is truly tragic, and nothing less this time. I’m shattered to learn of the too early, and very tragic passing. 

Chris; on the left. 

I remember you very well from my time on the SS Norway, Chris. You were an absolutely wonderful addition to the deck department, always happy and always helpful. You had a great sense of humor and were always smiling. You had a keen interest in doing your best in your job and never complained about anything. 

I remember the first day that you signed on, and came to the Safety Meeting. I do remember how interested you were in my picture taking. I do remember the times we did trapshooting on the aft decks of the Norway, when we did the monthly check of lifeboat equipments, and all the countless hours we spent tendering guests to and from the ship. I do remember all the hours on bridge-watch looking out over the Caribbean. I remember the time when I invited you out to Bayside Mall in Miami for a memorable lunch, and how much you had appreciated it. I do remember the last time I saw you, the day I signed off, not knowing it would be the last time we actually met in person. 

In the many years since SS Norway I remember how we wrote letters and postcards before the time of Facebook, and the time when we re-esablished contact again through Facebook many years later. We kept in touch through Facebook at relatively regular intervals. You never faded from my memory. Chris, you were a dear friend. Chris, you were like family.  We often joked and talked about meeting up again, when I eventually returned to the Philippines.  

With kind permission of his wonderful, loving wife, in these extremely trying days and truly difficult times, I would like to express my most sincere respect, love and care to those left behind; his wife, his children, all of his family and friends. 

For my dearest of friends, I leave you with these simple words, and I promise that you will never be forgotten. 

As I look up at the stars at night
And think of times we shared
Memories come flooding back
They all show how much you cared

In life its hard to find a friend
A friend so special and true
Whenever I think of this friend
In my heart Chris, I think of you.

Rest in Peace. 

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