I’m going to make an exception this time, because I normally don’t like sharing links from Trondheim’s newspaper and because I do not think that my audience has any interest i seeing Norwegian language only posts or pages. But, as I said, I’m now going to make an excemption. Naturally, you know that you are not obliged to do anything with this post anyway. †

The reason why I’d like to share this nearly one hour long film, is because I think it is both quite rare and historically important. This is a film recorded during the second world war in and around Trondheim, and is perhaps the longest film I have ever seen from this war in middle Norway.

Even though it’s a long time ago, I firmly believe we must never forget this war, or the difficult sacrifices many people all over the country had to make.†

You may see the film (I hope you are able to from your end of the Internet) by clicking on the image below, and the film will play in a new tab of your browser. †

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